XEEN 6 Lens Carry-on Case

Custom Designed to Fit and Protect Xeen Professional Cine Lenses

  • Internal Focus
  • Low CA
  • Low Flare & Ghost
  • Low Coma
  • Fisheye Perspective
XEEN 6 Lens Carry-on Case
MSRP: $299
UPC: 0-84438-76566-3
Weight: 11.6 lbs. (5.3 kg) / with foam: 13.1 lbs. (5.94 kg)

Finally there is available a high value OEM case that can keep XEEN lenses safe and in your control during transit and protected from the environment during storage. Complying with FAA carry-on regulations, the XEEN by Rokinon 6 Lens Carry-On Case offers the ultimate combination of carry-on protection and convenience not found in any other custom case.

It features a waterproof and airtight, submersible design that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage and other requirements to be rated for ATA 300, ASTM D4169, Mil-std-810f and IP67.
Depending on your preference, lenses can be positioned mount up or mount down, and each lens space includes 3 removable high density foam discs for custom depth adjustment.

The case shell is constructed of ultra-high-strength polypropylene resin with proprietary enhancements to increase strength and impact resistance while remaining light in weight.
Integrated within the shell is an automatic pressure release system to prevent changes in altitude from creating a vacuum which can effectively lock watertight cases shut.

“Soft-Touch” double throw latches that powerfully lock down or release the lid without pinching your fingers, a cushioned grip telescoping pull handle with thumb release lock for quick and easy one handed operation that will not flex when wheeling over rough surfaces make the XNCASE-CO the most convenient transport and protection option for XEEN lenses available.
XEEN 6 Lens Carry-on Case
• Weight 13.1 lbs. | 5.94 kg
• Lifetime Limited Warranty
• Soft-Touch Latching System
• Metal Reinforced Padlock Holes
• Rubber Cushioned Front Handle
• Removable Discs for Longer Lenses
• Lid Stay Prevents Accidental Closure
• Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
• Waterproof, Crushproof and Lightweight
• Complies with FAA Carry-On regulations
• Auto-Retracting Rubber Cushioned Top Handle
• Mil-std-810f | IP67 | ASTM D4169 | ATA 300 Rated
• Premium High Density Foam with Protective Top Overlay
• Stainless Steel Hardware and Durable Polyurethane Wheels
• UV, Solvent, Corrosion And Fungus Resistant Polymer-Resin
• Pull Handle With Thumb Release for One Handed Extension and Retraction
• Exterior Dimensions L22.0” x W14.0” x H9.0” L559mm x W356mm x H229mm
• Length: Exterior Dimensions L22.0” x W14.0” x H9.0” L559mm x W356mm x H229mm

XEEN 6 Lens Carry-on Case