SP 50mm F1.2

  • Internal Focus
  • Low Light
  • Full Frame
  • Low CA
  • Bokeh
  • Low Flare & Ghost
  • Circular Aperature
  • Low Coma
  • Sharp
  • Rokinon Multi-Coating
  • Non-Rotating Filter Mount

The Rokinon 50mm F1.2 SP is a premium quality super wide-angle prime that combines an advanced optical design with simple, intuitive handling and control of focus, It has the unprecedented resolving power for 50 megapixel photo and 8K video production to meet the extreme capabilities of the newest high resolution pro cameras.

Incorporating 11 high precision glass elements in 8 groups the SP 50mm F1.2 takes no compromise when it comes to image quality. Four types of special lens elements (1 Aspherical and 1 High Refractive Index) are incorporated to reduce color fringing, aberrations, and distortions for sharp, clear, and color accurate imagery.

Rokinon Ultra Multi-Coating is also employed, as well as a built-in lens hood, to suppress lens flare and ghosting for improved contrast when working in bright, direct lighting conditions. The smooth, quiet and precise manual focus control provides close focusing as close as 11", and the sleek aluminum alloy housing is both lightweight and durable to support working in a variety of conditions.

• Provides exceedingly high quality stills and video with both Full Frame and APS-C cameras (22.4mm equivalent focal length with Canon APS-C models)

• Its F1.2 aperture provides superior low light capability, faster shutter speeds and greater depth field control compared to its counterparts.

 • Its advanced optical design of 11 precision glass elements  including 1 High Refractive Index and 1 Aspherical type combine for excellent control of distortion and aberrations with increased center to edge resolution.

• Its all metal construction with an ergonomically designed shape and grip deliver a luxurious look, excellent durability and comfortable use

• Removeable petal-shaped lens hood blocks stray light from reaching the front element and also offers some protection against impact

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Canon AE

Model: SP50M-C

Canon AE

Model: SP50M-C
MSRP: $1299
UPC: 0-84438-76579-3
Focal Length: 50mm
Maximum Aperture: F1.2
Coverage: Full Frame (FX)
Optical Construction: 11 Glass Elements in 8 Groups
Aperture Range: F1.2-16
Diaphragm Blades: 9
Coating: Ultra Multi-Coating (UMC)
Minimum Focusing Distance: 17.7" (0.45m)
Filter Size: 86mm
Lens Hood: Removable Petal Shaped
Maximum Diameter: X 0.17
Weight: 43.2oz (1,200g)
Length: 4.62" (117.4mm)
Glass Flowers - Christoper Frost
  • Glass Flowers - Christoper Frost
  • Graffiti Portrait - Daniel Gangur