14mm F2.8 AF Sony E


  • Internal Focus
  • Low Light
  • Full Frame
  • Low CA
  • Low Flare & Ghost
  • Low Coma
  • Low Vignetting
  • Wide
  • Sharp
  • Rokinon Multi-Coating

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Expand your imaging capabilities with the ultra-wide-angle view provided by Rokinon's AF 14mm f/2.8 AF FE Lens for full-frame Sony E-mount cameras. This optic is quite fast for its class with an f/2.8 maximum aperture which will help users work in low-light conditions. It also incorporates three aspherical and two extra-low dispersion elements to reduce aberrations for clean, sharp images. It also uses an Ultra Multi-Coating and integrated lens hood to minimize the impact of flare and ghosting in your photographs. The lens offers an autofocus motor optimized for use with Sony cameras to provide fast, accurate performance and it has manual focus override for making tweaks in any AF mode. Additionally, the lens features a rounded 7-blade diaphragm for smooth out-of-focus elements.

  • Blending an ultra-wide angle of view with a relatively fast f/2.8 aperture, this 14mm lens makes a great option for Sony shooters looking to get a unique perspective that is well suited to architecture, landscapes, and more.
  • Three aspherical elements are incorporated in the optical design to control spherical aberrations for increased clarity and resolution from edge to edge.
  • Two extra-low dispersion glass elements work to reduce chromatic aberrations; improve overall image sharpness, clarity, and color fidelity; and help to minimize the overall weight of the lens.
  • An Ultra Multi-Coating has been applied to individual elements in order to reduce flare and ghosting for increased contrast and a neutral color balance.
  • The integrated autofocus motor works in conjunction with Sony cameras' focusing systems for quick, accurate, and precise AF control. Manual focus override is also available for refining your focus position.
  • Rounded seven-blade diaphragm contributes to a smooth and pleasing bokeh quality.
-via B&H Photo Video

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Sony E

Model: IO14AF-E

Sony E

Model: IO14AF-E
MSRP: $899
UPC: 0-84438-76529-8
Focal Length: f2.8
Maximum Aperture: F2.8
Coverage: Full Frame (FX)
Optical Construction: 14 Glass Elements in 10 Groups
Aperture Range: F2.8 to 22
Diaphragm Blades: 7
Coating: Ultra Multi-Coating
Minimum Focusing Distance: 7.9" (0.20m)
Filter Size: n/a
Lens Hood: Built-In Petal Shaped
Maximum Diameter: 3.4" (86mm)
Weight: 15.9oz (450g)
Length: 3.84" (97.5mm)
AF 14mm F2.8 Hyunsu Kim
  • AF 14mm F2.8 Hyunsu Kim
  • AF 14mm F2.8 Hyunsu Kim
  • AF 14mm F2.8 Hyunsu Kim
  • AF 14mm F2.8 Hyunsu Kim
  • Camp Star Milky Way - Abe Blair
  • Day to Night - Abe Blair
  • Dream Camp - Abe Blair
  • Engagment - Abe Blair
  • Zenith - Abe Blair
  • Alignment - Abe Blair
  • Star Palace - Abe Blair
  • Starburst South Lake - Abe Blair
  • Star Camp  - Abe Blair
  • Star Party - Abe Blair
  • Structure - Abe Blair
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